Eureka: Rocky Falls Adventures

Try the Rocky Falls Adventures game to help Eureka bring the items to her family and pals! Can you use the helpers to get the objects through every hurdle?

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About Eureka: Rocky Falls Adventures Game

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Eureka has to deliver many items to her friends and family in the Rocky Falls Adventures game! However, the roads are not so smooth in the Stone Age, so she needs lots of help. Do you think you can lend her a hand until she finishes her tasks?

Your job is to use Eureka's notebook to find ways to deliver the items! You will find plenty of helpers to get you through any situation. Are you ready to start and see if you can handle the Stone Age?

How to Play

Solving problems is a difficult task! Luckily the controls are pretty easy! The only thing you have to do is to use your mouse. You can press the Left Click to open Eureka's notebook or interact with the helpers and environment! With a bit of practice, you will finish in no time!

There are four levels to complete! After the first one, each has five stages you should complete until you can advance! Here they are:

 - Help Eureka: deliver the stones using the helpers.

 - Help Roxy: get the apple in Eureka's mother's cart.

 - Help Pepper and Barry: get the magic rock to the village.

 - Help Rollo: get the pterodactyl eggs back to the nest.

You will have access to some of Eureka's handy friends for every level. You have to pick one, depending on the situation. For example, choose the mammoth if you have a structure in your way or if you need to push the item. Also, you can call for the pterodactyl if you have a rock in your way or use the slingshot if you need to launch something. You will discover many more helpers on your way!

Are you ready to start and help Eureka complete her tasks? She has to help many people, so you need to hurry up! Do you think you can go through all of them?