The Great Bandit Round-Up

Try The Great Bandit Round-Up game to help Sherriff Callie catch all the thieves that hid around her town! Will you ride your horse and get back the goods?

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About The Great Bandit Round-Up Game

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Grab your hat and prepare to enter the Wild West in The Great Bandit Round-Up game! A bunch of bandits stole from the hard-working people, and Sherriff Callie and her friends need your help to find their hideouts and catch them all. Grab your horses and giddy up for your adventure!

Luckily, the thieves left a trail while trying to escape, so it's easy to get a hold of them. Your job is to follow the tracks and bring back the stolen items to the residents of the small city. Do you think you can put up with this challenge, cowboys and cowgirls? Let's see you in action!

How to Play

Don't rush, partner! Firstly, you need to know the controls. To catch everyone, you only need to use your mouse. Sherrif Callie is a great rider, and she will do the most work by herself. You only need to press the Left Click to jump and reach high places. Also, use it to complete different tasks after you catch the bad guys!

It's a burglary in town, and your job is to find the thieves and receive the stolen goods! Do your best to grab every item left behind on your way to the bandit's hideout. Also, mind the obstacles as they slow you down, and the thieves might escape!

Luckily, you can find items along your way to help you! Grab the carrots to give Sherrif's Callie horse a short boost. This way, he can run into the stacks of crates and destroy them without getting a single scratch. You must not miss them if you want a smooth ride!

There is more you should know!

After you find the bad guys, it's time to return the goods! You will have to sort them into three categories and get them back. For this task, you will have a timer, so it's best to hurry up and get everything in the right barrel before the time runs out!

Lastly, a reward awaits you after every task for doing a good job! You will receive some golden nuggets if you catch some bandits or get the goods back. You can use those to buy items and characters in the shop when you have enough!

Are you ready to hop on your horse and start the ride? Let's see if you can handle the Wild West and help Sherriff Callie catch all the bandits. Hurry, and retrieve the goods to the poor owners!