T.O.T.S: Ready, Set, Let's Go!

Play the T.O.T.S: Ready, Set, Let's Go game to join Freddy and Pip in their task to help babies worldwide. Run to the aid of all cubs before it's too late!

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About T.O.T.S: Ready, Set, Let's Go! Game

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Join Freddy, the Flamingo, and Pipson the Penguin for a bunch of adventures in the T.O.T.S.: Ready, Set, Let's Go game! They need your help completing tasks worldwide, and you might be the perfect person for the job. Can you help the two friends go through everything?

Cubs from every corner of the world need help! Your job is to join Freddy and Pip and complete every task until you assist every baby. Who knows in what trouble they might have gotten themselves? There is no time to waste, so you best hurry up!

How to Play

Luckily, helping out the ones in need is pretty simple! To complete every challenge, you only need your mouse! Sounds pretty easy, right? However, without paying attention to every detail, you might not be able to finish everything. Try to take the best care when working with children!

Freddy and Pip have duties in some of the most unexpected parts of the world! Here is the list of all the places and tasks they need to complete:

 - Faraway Forest: Look around the forest and find every bunny.

 - T.O.T.S. H.Q.: Give the babies what they need to get them ready to get home.

 - Royal Rainy Rainforest: Fly up the tall tree to catch up with the baby monkey.

 - Iceberg Ally: Get through the training course to help Hazel upgrade her training skills.

 - Sky School: Search the rooms and find the keys hidden by Lucky.

 - Specific Oceanfind: Play an underwater hide-and-seek game and find Donny.

The days of a T.O.T.S. member are full of action. Will you get through all the challenges?

There's more you should know!

You might have a couple of setbacks if you are not careful! For example, you will have three health points for each task. You will lose one if you get hit by an obstacle or make a mistake. Also, each stage has a timer! If it runs out before you clear the challenge, the game is over!

Lastly, you will get some stars depending on your performance. You can use them to unlock photos in the journal. However, there are three pictures for every place you visit, and each one will require more and more stars to discover!

Are you ready to join Freddy and Pip and travel the world to help the cubs? They need your aid right now, so you best hurry!