Jake's Dragon Tile Combo

Play the Jake's Dragon Tile Combo game and clear all the matching Mahjong tiles in each level! Find all the treasures marked on the map beneath the tiles!

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About Jake's Dragon Tile Combo Game

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In Jake's Dragon Tile Combo game you will gain points by finding and collecting all the treasures which are marked on the map. However, this task is not that easy since the map is completely covered with Mahjong tiles! You need to clear all the tiles which are sitting on the top of the picture first, in order to be able to see all the markings. The task of pairing the pieces is very similar to what's usually happening during a classic Mahjong game.

You need to click on the two tiles of the same type to make them disappear from the map. When there are multiple layers of tiles, you will be able to clear the tiles from beneath only after removing the ones from the top first. Also, sometimes you will notice that some of the tiles on the board are tinted. To be able to click on them, you need first to clear the pieces which are right near them, either on top, side or beneath.

Useful tips

There are also some special tiles gifted with magical powers out there which can make your life easier! Usually, you may notice them bouncing on your screen, which is why you need to act really fast if you want to catch them. If you're going to keep these tiles, you need to grab them with your mouse first and then just drop them in your Tile Bar located at the bottom of your screen.

These special tiles might really come in handy when confronted with specific situations. For instance, you need the Shovel tile to dig for a treasure which you just found marked on the map. Some other times, because of the messed up tiles structure, there might be no available tiles for clearing. In such situations, you can make use of Shuffle tile to change their order. You can collect multiple Power Tiles of the same type, but use them wisely!

The faster you manage to match the pairs, the more points you will get. You only have a limited time at your disposal to clear each level, so you need to be fast and match all the pairs before the time runs out.