High Risk Rescue

Help Jake save his friends in the High Risk Rescue game! Be careful at the obstacles in your way and collect the power-ups to restore your energy!

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About High Risk Rescue Game

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Jake is a strong kid, but when it comes about his best friends, he becomes the strongest American dragon ever. In High Risk Rescue game, he has to pass over some bad moments to save his friends. Because the three Gorgon sisters have escaped from their usual petrified state, they have captured two of Jake’s best friends. It is about Spud and Trixie who are not waiting on top of a skyscraper for the American Dragon to save them. 

Jake needs to use his powers to save the day, but this is not an easy task since there are also other enemies who are trying to stop him. For instance, Huntsclan is making Jake’s work harder than ever, so you need to help do his best to overcome all the obstacles in his way.

How to Play

The primary goal of the game is to help Jake get on top of the building and save his friends. To do this, use the arrow keys to move and to control Jake. By pressing the up arrow key, you will jump, or climb on stairs. When you are in the form of the dragon, you will use the up arrow key to fly. Whenever you press the Space Bar, you will change moods.

When you are in Jake’s body, you will need to press the B key from your keyboard when you want to do some karate kicks and the N key to activate switches and to move some special crates.

When you are in the American Dragon’s body, you can use the B key to whip the dragon’s tail against the Huntsclan, to remove crates or to stun the Huntsman.  The N key will be useful if you will want to breathe fire or to block attacks, as you are a dragon.

While you are playing, watch the “Heads-Up Display” from the upper side of the screen. It will let you know how many lives you still have left, the energy you have as both Jake and the Dragon, but also what your score is.
It is essential for you to know that if the dragon power meter is empty, Jake will return to his human form. Therefore, it is necessary to use the dragon form only when you really need it.

Tips and tricks

In your way, you will find different power-ups that are going to help you to succeed. The apples will refill your dragon power meter, the health boosters will restore 50% of your energy, the extra lives will give you one more life, and the bonus points will bring you 500 extra points. Make sure you collect them all when you see it.

While you play in the dragon form, be careful at the electric cables, at the spider nets or the antennas. They are dangerous to the dragon, but Jake can pass through them without any problem. The other obstacles like the balconies, the walls or the boxes can affect Jake, but also the American dragon, so be careful and avoid those as much as you can.

Do not worry if it seems to be hard. You will manage to get through every obstacle and save Spud and Trixie from the Gordon sisters. Good luck!