Cloud 9: Fire and Ice

Play the Cloud 9: Fire and Ice game to participate in a challenging snowboarding tournament! Will you win the trophy for the Hot Dodgers or the team Swift?

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It's time for you to choose. Pick between Hot Dodgers and the team Swift, and join them for a snowboarding tournament in the Cloud 9: Fire and Ice game! However, the path to victory is slippery, and you'll have plenty of challenges to face. How far up the ranks do you think you'll go?

Your role is to help your team bring the trophy home! Do your best and become one of the best snowboarders the Cloud 9 protagonists have ever seen. Try not to break a leg while you're at it! Let's get you started on this chilly adventure.

How to Play

To become a top snowboarder, you need to use your mouse! To move your character around, move the mouse down and up. When it's the time to jump and perform the trick, press the Left click and drag your cursor along the pattern. See? It's that simple!

Your main task is to gather many points from your jumps! That's why you should try to perform as many tricks to increase your score while in the air. However, you should not attempt a pattern if you start going down. This will not count, and you'll hurt yourself!

The higher you are, the more patterns you can complete! You can also receive a small number of points by grabbing them on the snowboarding track.

There's more you should know!

Look out for power-ups! On the track, you may find some help if you pay attention. Pick up the booster to increase the points you receive for jumps! If you get hit by an obstacle, it will disappear. If you manage to get another one, the combo will increase. Keep an eye out for the shield too! It will make you immune to any hit.

Be careful! On your way to the top, you will encounter many obstacles. You should try and dodge them as fast as you can! If you get hit, you will lose the power-ups and slow down. They are usually easy to see, Some are big rocks, and some are flags. You should stay clear from all of them!

Are you ready for this challenging winter tournament? Get your snowboard, and let's see you in action. The Hot Dodgers and the team Swift can't wait to see which side you'll pick!