Deputy for a Day

Try the Deputy for a Day game to help Sheriff Callie get her city back in order! Can you complete the tasks around the small town and become her right hand?

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The Wild West is a busy place! Sheriff Callie has loads of work to do, and she needs your help to keep her city in check in the Deputy for a Day game. Without her authority, everything can become a mess. See if you can handle a day in her shoes!

Your job is to clear the task she gives you and become a deputy for a day! Don't worry! She will take it easy on you as it's your first day. So, no bandits or other dangerous activities yet. See if you can manage to look after the city before it starts to get out of order!

How to Play

Firstly, let's teach you how to handle things in the Wild West! The only tool you need to complete your challenges is your Left Click. See? Sheriff Callie doesn't want you to have an unpleasant first day, so everything should be a piece of cake!

The Sheriff prepared three challenges for you:

 - Sharing is Caring: Give the desired items to each person.

 - Thirsty Work: Prepare delicious juices for the people in town.

 - Cattle Chaos: Find every lost Cattle and bring them back home.

Each one has two levels of difficulty. Do a great job, and you will receive a part of your deputy star for every cleared task!

Lastly, after you clear every challenge and win the three fragments of your deputy badge, it's time for some action! Then you can go on missions with Sheriff Callie, and you might even catch some bandits. Isn't it exciting?

Are you ready to put your cowboy hat on and see if you can get the town back in order? Sheriff Callie needs your help, and she is counting on you to do a good job. Let's not disappoint her partner! And become one of the best deputies this town has ever seen.