The Buttercups' Forest Adventure

Join Sofia the First and her girl scout troop in The Buttercups' Forest Adventure game! Are you ready to explore the woods and discover its wonders?

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Get ready for an exciting trip in the woods with Sofia the First and her best friends with The Buttercups' Forest Adventure game! I trust that you have already heard about the most popular girl scout group in the whole realm of Enchancia. That's right, I am talking about the Buttercups, the courageous and knowledgeable young women that roam the forests all over the land. You just won't believe how many things they know about plants and animals! Would you like to join them on a unique adventure?

Every year, an amazing night takes place in Enchancia. A magical meteor shower leaves behind star stones, hidden all throughout the woods. Will you lend Sofia a helping hand as she collects all the precious gems? She wants to surprise her step-sister, Amber, with a very special tiara!

Explore every corner of the forest!

The game consists of multiple levels that will take you on a lengthy and exciting journey. You start out with a short tutorial level in the Buttercup camp, but you won't remain there for long! After you get the hang of the game, you will investigate the deeper and more mysterious regions of the realm, such as the Deep Forest! 

Don't forget that the objective of this game is to find all twelve star-stones that will complete Amber's beautiful tiara! They are hidden underneath one of the twenty-four areas on your board. To begin with, click on one of them and discover what lies underneath! Most of the time, you will find nothing, but there are many types of interesting objects in the forest! Maybe one of them will lead you to the elusive crystal that you have been looking for.

However, you can't just go around and click to your heart's content! Time is of the essence, and you only have twenty-five points at your disposal in the hourglass bar at the bottom left side of the screen! Each move depletes one or more of this valuable resource. There are some objects specifically aimed at helping you with this aspect, like the water bottles. They will help you keep on exploring the forest! Nevertheless, beware of the obstacles such as puddles, as they will make you lose time!

Extra quests and delightful features will make you play over and over!

Everybody knows that the backpack is vital in any trip, especially one organized by scouts. Click on it to discover many cool objects that will help you learn more about the forest! What is more, based on the items you collect throughout your adventure, you can even earn Buttercup badges! Check them out by clicking the treasure chest in the main menu. 

The coolest feature of the game by far is the fact that you can draw the animals that you encounter. Naturally, sometimes it will take up quite a portion of your time, indicated by the number next to it. What is more, you can befriend a specific animal if you draw them enough times! Pay attention, as some of the beautiful creatures can only be found in a particular area of the forest! Also, make sure that you keep an eye out for special enchanted items that will help you gain the much-desired badge you have been eyeing!

Stop hesitating, strap on your boots and backpack, and get ready for a magical journey through the forest! Sofia the first is so excited to show you all the magical secrets and cool skills that only the Buttercup girl scouts know!