Quest Buy Rush

Take Star's rocket scooter out for a ride in the Quest Buy Rush game! Travel through the maze, avoid the monsters, and collect all the crystals you see!

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About Quest Buy Rush Game

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    960 x 540
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Did you ever want to try out Star's rocket scooter? Well, it's time to hop on it and take it for a drive in the Quest Buy Rush game! Your cute friend is trying to navigate the maze of Quest Buy, but it's a real challenge with all the monsters around. Will you help her make it out of the labyrinth? 

Get ready to do some exploring! Just like any platform adventure, you have to guide Star through the levels and stay safe. There will be many dangers around you, such as Lobster Claws, the sloth clerks, or the evil Big Chicken. Just do your best to jump over the obstacles, and see how far you can go!

How to Play

Are you ready to get moving? The mission consists of one stage, an endless level into the maze of Quest Buy. Use your mouse and tap on the screen once to start. You can jump over the monsters and avoid danger by tapping or change lanes by swapping up or down.

Let's move! Star's first task is to collect 500 crystal shards, so it's time to start looking. Hop from one platform to another, and pick up the items, while staying out of danger. Avoid the monsters, and see how far you can drive.

If you get hit even once, it's game over, and you will have to restart from the beginning. Still, don't worry, because you can replay this mission as many times as you want. If you collect enough crystals, you can even change Star's outfit from her casual clothes to either her party or warrior look. How cool is that?

If the challenge seems too difficult for you, it's time to visit the store. Exchange your points for power-ups or extra lives, and aim for a new high score! You can get all sorts of items, such as the Glowing Shield or the Butterfly Blast. Use the boosts to protect yourself, or shoot your enemies and avoid danger!  

Well, are you ready to hop on the rocket scooter? Join Star and get ready for an exciting adventure through the mysterious labyrinth of Quest Buy. How far will you be able to go?