Sewer Pigs

Escape the sewers and avoid getting caught in the Sewer Pigs game! Run away from your enemy and overcome all obstacles to make sure your pants stay on!

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About Sewer Pigs Game

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Run away before the feral creatures catch you in the Sewer Pigs game! Experience a fast-paced adventure and stay out of danger! Are you a good runner? If so, you should help your friend escape the crazy pig following him!

Do your best to run away before you lose your pants! Keep your distance from your enemy, and avoid all the obstacles! Move to a different lane, jump over puddles, or slide underneath the objects. How long will it be before you get caught?

How to Play

Will you be able to complete this escape mission and stay safe? Use your keyboard and get ready to outrun the crazy pig. Keep moving through the sewers and press the Left and Right arrow keys to change lanes! You can even jump over obstacles by pressing the Up key or slide under them by tapping the Down arrow.

This is an endless challenge, and it will only end if you get caught. The game will start out slow, and you will have to avoid the green barrels while collecting the lightning bolts. However, as you keep playing, you will keep coming across more and more obstacles.

Sometimes you will see some gold coins pop up, and you should do your best to grab them! If you do, you can exchange them for power-ups at the end of the game. Unlock the Phantom Drone, Extra Pants, or Magnetic Gum, and make sure you keep running even longer!

This game will surely keep you entertained for a long time! However, remember to pay attention and avoid running into objects. If you hit the green barrels even once, you will lose and restart the game from the beginning.

Are you ready to start running? Help the boy escape the sewers and avoid getting caught by the crazy pig! How long can you keep up?