Robo Carpe Diem

Help Robo-Carp eat everything in sight in the Robo Carpe Diem game! Control his hunger, make sure he doesn't get too excited, and stop him from blowing up!

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About Robo Carpe Diem Game

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Are you familiar with Robo-Carp, Danny's companion in Future-Worm? Well, the cute robot is about to eat everything in sight in the Robo Carpe Diem game! However, he usually blows up before he can complete his owner's mission. How long will you be able to last in today's adventure?

Your main goal for this challenge is to eat everything in sight. However, you can't let Robo-Carp get too excited, or he might explode! Just keep an eye on his happiness meter and stop him from swallowing the plates at the right moment. This way, you can keep up the mission for a longer time!

How to Play

Your friend is starving, so get ready for some fast-paced action! You can take control of the fish robot by simply using your mouse. Feed him items by tapping on them or Left-click on Robo-Carp to distract him briefly from eating. That doesn't sound so difficult, right?

Robo-Carp will consume everything in sight! If you feed him items with a red border, his Excitement Meter will increase. However, you can calm him down by using food with a blue edge. If the mood is getting tough to control, it's best to distract your friend right away as you think of a plan.

Once the stage is over, you can have fun dressing up Robo-Carp in cute accessories! This is a great way to blow off some steam. Once you're back to action, you have to keep the mission going for as long as possible. 

What else you should know

Luckily, you can retry the mission as many times as you want, and your skills will keep improving! 

Have you gained enough coins? If so, you can exchange them for accessories, power-ups, or even new locations to explore! If you need extra help to keep the robot under control, you should invest in boosts such as Lunchboxes, Coolant, or Pizza.

However, you can also take on a fun gamble with the Imaginary Dice or make your buddy happy again with the Reset Battery.

It's time to get the mission started! Feed the hungry Robo-Carp, and don't let him get too excited! Your friend is counting on your help to continue the challenge.