Hater and Dominator: True Hate Always

Try the Hater and Dominator: True Hate Always game to free Watchdog's planet from Dominator's reign! Can you complete the tasks before the time runs out?

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About Hater and Dominator: True Hate Always Game

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Help Hater to get rid of Dominator's invasion in the Hater and Dominator: True Hate Always game! However, don't take this lightly. To even get her attention will require lots of work. Can you put up with this task and get rid of the Dominator?

Your role is to complete various tasks until the Dominator notices you and wants to check out Hater's Amazing Totally Excellent Rampage Vehicle. Also, everything needs to be on point and not waste time while you're at it! Are you ready to start and see if you can pull it through?

How to Play

Before you start the action, you need to know the controls! You only need to use the Left Click to complete the various tasks. Also, fast reflexes are a must as everything will have a timer. If you do everything correctly, the local's plan will be over in no time!

Your first objective is to get Dominator's attention by completing the next set of tasks:

 - Play The Correct Keys: Momorise the pattern and play the keys in the correct order.

 - Shoot The Robot: Watch the meter and shoot the robot at the right time.

 - Clean the H.A.T.E.R.V: Clean the vehicle to impress the Dominator.

 - Scoop The Ice Cream: Follow the recipe and prepare the ice cream.

 - Pop The Harts: Smash all the harts before the time runs out.

Each activity has a timer as well as getting the Dominator's attention. If the time runs out, it's game over!

After you get her attention, the Dominator will get Hater for a run in the H.A.T.E.R.V.! Then, you will have to use the vehicle's arsenal to get rid of the locals who try to stop you and launch on the iced platform!

Also, some locals have prepared a way to slow you down, so make sure to brake free of everything they throw at you!

There is more you should know!

Each task will reward you with coins that will help you to upgrade your resources. Try to gather as many coins as possible to make things easier! Also, you can grab coins by shooting up the locals while you ride with the Dominator. Isn't it exciting?

Lastly, you can try to get back every day if you want to receive a reward! You will get something else every day, so you better not miss it. Maybe you will get some extra coins and upgrade your stuff faster than you thought!

Are you ready to hop on the adventure and see if you can get rid of the Dominator? Complete all the tasks before the time runs and collect as many coins as possible! Do you have what it takes to clear out this challenge?