K.C. Undercover Games

The Cooper family is no ordinary one. Play the K.C. Undercover Games and be the perfect spy of all times while also maintaining a regular teenage life!

Life of a Teenage Spy

K.C. Undercover is an amazing and thrilling comedy television series belonging to the Disney Channel Network. It was created by the mastermind Corinne Marshall, and it first aired on January 18, 2015. Being a teenager is not easy. Always dealing with high-school drama and a tremendous amount of homework. Constantly arguing with your parents and never having enough time to go shopping. But imagine being a teenage spy. The trouble is double, but so are the rewards. And this is the life featured in this television show, the life of K.C. Cooper. She is a beautiful girl that is a math genius, and that gets to become a brilliant spy. You can now take a glimpse at her adventures and be a part of them by playing the K.C. Undercover Games.

In the city of Washington D.C, everything seems normal. People going to their jobs, to their high-schools; people walking their dogs and taking their children out in the park. But one family does not follow the patterns, though. And that is the Cooper family. They are undercover spies that fight daily against the evil forces that try to destroy the American government, rob a bank and God knows what other felonies. And they do all of this while also maintaining a mundane life, because they are, as previously mentioned, undercover. But how undercover are they, specifically? Well, not even the two children knew about their parents' secret job. Not at the beginning, at least. As they find out, every mission gets more and more interesting. Like this, every challenge becomes a perfect symbiosis between teamwork, focus, determination and let's not forget about family love.

Who are the spies?

The main character of the show is K.C. Cooper, a brilliant high-school student with straight As. After finding out about the fact that her parents, Kira and Craig Cooper are actually undercover spies that work for an agency called The Organisation, she gets recruited by them. Their primary objective is to fight daily to protect the world, and this duty belongs to K.C., now. This is how K.C.'s adventures in the spy world start.

Ernie, K.C.'s little brother, and an IT genius seeing what the other members of the family go through feels the need to help. Because he starts to feel excluded, the parents recruit him too, to prove that they love them both equally. Ernie's love for computers and technology determines Kira and Craig also to adopt a new robot child named Judy, that will turn out to be of real help in many missions. In some games, K.C. will require Judy's support as well. For example, in the K.C. Undercover – Spy Ops Game K.C. might need Judy's Spy Vision to get a closer look to the missing gadgets that she needs to find.

Family comes first

No matter the difficulty of the mission and the dangers that the spies have to go through, the family will always stick together. They defeat all the rival teams that stand against The Organisation. You will see them working together, supporting one another and giving useful pieces of advice in the games as well. Even though they are amazing fighters, brilliant thinkers and excellent undercover spies, they are also a family like any other, living entirely normal lives outside The Organisation. Kira and Craig might argue with their children on a daily basis. This is to make sure that they are well behaved and do not put themselves in situations they can never get out from.

This feature is perfectly exemplified in the Robo Recon Game, one of the K.C. Undercover Games. Right before K.C. begins her infiltration mission, her parents give her some instructions and guide her through her duties step by step. At the end of the conversation, they do not forget to remind her and her brother Ernie that when they have successfully accomplished the mission, they will still be grounded.

This is the perfect example of how, even though the children are perfect spies, they are still teenagers that have mundane duties that they need to fulfill. Also, as they are always undercover, nobody outside the spy world needs to know about their additional job. This is why, at the beginning of every mission, the characters will need to change their outfit so that the regular people that inhabit the city will not recognize them. You might help K.C. pick a perfect outfit for an undercover mission in the Dress for Success Game.

Come to join them

Whether it is about solving the most challenging math problem, fixing a new prototype, spending some family time together or fighting the evil that wants to conquer the world, the Cooper Family can do it all. Be a part of this peculiar family. Live two exciting lives and protect the world from evil agencies while also maintaining an ordinary life. Now you have the chance to help them in every mission and to fulfill all the duties by playing the K.C. Undercover Games.

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