House of Haunts

Enter the most peculiar house fearlessly in House of Haunts Game! Search every floor of the house for the keys to escape and beware of the scary monsters!

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What a peculiar night! All the Disney stars are wandering around. What might be going on? What might be waiting for you in the shadows of the dark? Be strong-willed and escape from the strange haunted house. Begin the most thrilling adventure in Monstober: House of Haunts game!

Choose your adventurer. Do you want to play as Jessie? What about K.C. or the Invisible Sister? It is entirely up to you! Pick your hero wisely and enter the house fearlessly.

How to Play

The house has five floors. You will have to go through each and every one of them in order to complete this scary challenge. Use the "left" and "right" arrows to direct your character towards the final destination of every level. Press the spacebar to see what is inside the boxes you run across or choose to go upstairs and follow another pathway. Turn on all the lights, so the darkness will not surround you anymore and beware of the skeletons, the carnivore plants, the eyes that watch you from the cracks in the walls and be careful every step of the way. The bats and crows are evil too, and they will not let you pass unless you carry a lantern with you. Do not look in the mirrors, because you will not see yourself, but the ghosts that haunt this weird house full of terrors. In your way towards the key that unlocks the next levels, collect all the decorated pumpkins, because they will help you gain strength and fear the darkness less.

As you advance in the levels, the numbers of doors that you will have to unlock in order for you to step up will increase. That is not just it. The number of peculiar things that you might encounter will increase, too. You will have to find more creative ways to defeat the monsters every time. But stay strong and continue fighting your inner demons. It is your only way out!

Do you think you have what it takes to complete this exciting challenge and help your favorite Disney characters escape the haunted house? Then start playing and be the savior of this world.