McFarland USA: Championship Run

Try the McFarland USA: Championship Run game to join the competition and win the 5k tournament! Can you overcome all the obstacles and get first place?

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It's time to get in on the race in the McFarland USA: Championship Run game! Choose your runner and see if you can complete the challenge ahead. However, the road is full of obstacles, and you will go against experienced runners, so don't take this task lightly.

Your role is to complete every race and complete the 5k tournament! Do you think you can handle the pressure and win for the McFarland team? You should put on your running shoes, and let's see what you've got. There is no time to waste if you want to become a champion!

How to Play

Before the race starts, you should learn the controls! Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to change your position if you encounter another competitor. Also, press the Spacebar to jump over the obstacles and the X key to sprint when you have to! Pretty straightforward, right?

Before competing in the tournament, you should get past some other challenges! First, you need to practice, then try out to qualify. Each stage has some extra tasks, such as jumping over obstacles or gaining a certain amount of points. Also, you can try out the endless mode whenever you want to. Do your best, and you will clear them in no time!

Also, you will have two resources that you should always keep in mind! The first resource is stamina, which will decrease if you bump into runners or obstacles. It can be increased back up by picking up water bottles! The second is your sprint, which goes down as you use it. Grab the red shoes to increase their level!

What else you should know

With the points you gain after every race, you can increase the stats of every runner! By pumping up their speed, stamina, or health, you can train a well-prepared competitor that will get you first place!

Be aware that the bonuses will be applied only to one runner at a time, and you have to raise everyone's level if you want to max their stats!

It's time to get you into the competition! How many races will you be able to win before reaching the tournament? Choose your runner, and let's see what you've got!