Austin & Ally: Hype Cart

Explore the area with Austin & Ally while attracting fans in the Hype Cart game! Take a ride around the town and gather a crowd for Austin's concert!

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About Austin & Ally: Hype Cart Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Austin & Ally are riding around town to gather fans in the Hype Cart game! Austin is just starting his music career and holding concerts all over town, but it's hard to have fans when you're just starting out! Luckily, he has the most amazing friends who can help him get some hype! Are you ready to go on a fun ride?

Your job is to help Austin pick up his friends and ride around town to gather fans for his concerts before the time runs out! You can drive around different parts of the city and guide an excited crowd toward the venue! Austin's performances are going to be great with so many fans!

How to Play

To drive around town, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can explore the area and pass by fans, which will immediately start following the Hype Cart. You must not forget to pick up all your friends on the way to the venue, as they will increase your chances of gathering fans!

You can collect items along the way, such as the megaphone and the fuel tank. The megaphone will increase your sound range and attract more fans to the Hype Cart. At the same time, gathering a crowd is not easy, and the car can run out of fuel. The gasoline meter on the bottom left of your screen will turn red when you're almost out. You can grab the fuel tanks to replenish it!

While gathering the crowd and heading toward the venue, try to avoid the red soundwaves! They're placed all over the area and will get in your way. If you pass too close to them, they'll attract your fans and make your crowd smaller. You must fulfill the fan goal during each level, or you won't get to the other areas!

Will you help Austin form a crowd for his concert and launch himself to fame? The fans will go crazy for his music!