Austin & Ally: Carnival of Games

Enjoy a fun day at the local fair with Austin & Ally in the Carnival of Games game! Play all the minigames to earn tickets and tokens to buy prizes!

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About Austin & Ally: Carnival of Games

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Austin & Ally must meet at the local fair in the Carnival of Games game! As Prom season approaches, Austin wants to ask Ally to be his date for the school's dance! However, he is ready to win her over with nice prizes won at the many stands around the carnival. At the same time, Ally is wondering where Austin wants to meet, but she won't miss the chance to try the game stands! Will you join them?

Your role is to play the fun minigames at the fair and earn as many tickets and trinkets as possible to buy cute prizes! Austin, Ally, and their funny friends will help you have a lot of fun at the carnival! Maybe you'll even be able to collect every prize from the ticket stand!

How to Play

To play all the fun minigames, use your mouse. First, select one of the three activities: Skeeball, Crane, or Fishing. Then, follow their instructions to fulfill the objective and earn tickets. For example, in the Crane game, you'll have to click and move your mouse left and right to control the claw and grab the requested prize.

You'll be awarded yellow tickets with each game you play. The more you gather, the better. However, each minigame gives you a different amount depending on how well you do! At the same time, there are other items you can collect while playing through the fair activities, like Super Mystical and Extra Special Super Premium Mystical tokens!

Finally, the tickets you gather can be used at the Prize Stand to buy all kinds of plushies and other items. If you play the games multiple times, you'll earn enough to get every prize! You can use the tokens for the Fortune Teller and receive a reading of the future from Dez!

Are you ready to join Austin & Ally for a fun-filled day at the fair and earn many prizes? Let's try all the minigames together!