Monstober Zap

Play Disney Channel Monstober Zap game and try to get rid of the scary creatures. Zap all the monsters and help the characters pass the levels safely!

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About Monstober Zap Game

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Boohoo! Watch out where you are going! All kind of monsters wants to scare you and make you run for your life. You will meet some of the scariest creatures in the Disney Channel Monstober Zap game. Avoid them as much as you can and help the children go safely on the other side of the road. 

Using your mouse, click on the ghosts, spiders, witches, and other scary monsters that appear, to make them disappear. You need to guide the characters through the levels and do not let any creature touch them. Some monsters will throw things at you, so be aware of them and click to make them zap too.

Try to stay focused

From time to time, there will appear some shadows. They will not harm the characters, but if you zap them, you will get extra points. Another important thing is that you need to find the green goblin in each level. The golden stars will activate the multiplier mode, and the clocks that appear on the screen will make the monsters freeze for a few seconds. It will be just enough time to get rid of everyone.

The pulse beam will help you to zap faster, so make sure you get it every time it appears on the screen. After each level, you will be able to see how many characters you succeeded to guide across that stage. More than that, you will unlock the other levels and get the chance to play the game in different rooms or places.
The most important thing is not to get scared, and you will manage to beat the evil creatures. Good luck!