Danger Mouse: Ultimate

Give the Danger Mouse Ultimate game a try and fight against the evil forces! Can you escape each area and collect all the coins on your way?

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About Danger Mouse: Ultimate Game

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    900 x 510
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It's time to save the planet and take down the evil forces in the Danger Mouse Ultimate game! Danger Mouse has a new mission to complete, and he needs your help. Will you join the secret agent and go after Baron Silas von Greenback together? If so, now is your chance to show off your powers and become a hero!

Can you help Danger Mouse and Penfold save the day? For this mission, you'll need to put your agility and reflexes to the test. Hop from one platform to another, collect the coins, and make your way to the exit! Just be sure to stay out of enemies' sight to show Greenback who's the boss!

How to Play

To guide your friends across each area, you need to use your keyboard. Press the Left and Right Arrow keys to move or Up to jump. After that, you can tap on the Spacebar to use each character's unique ability. Sounds easy so far, right?

Danger Mouse and Penfold have prepared multiple stories split into three different stages for you. To complete them, you must find all the coins in each level and make your way to the exit. Just watch out for any obstacles, and keep your friends safe! Do you have what it takes to defeat your enemies and protect the earth?

Remember that each character has special abilities to use in battle! Penfold can hide from enemies and cameras, while Danger Mouse can use the Freeze Ray to stop the villains. Use these skills to your advantage and do your best not to get hit! If you take any damage, you'll have to restart the challenge from the beginning.

What else you should know

Take a good look around you and think of a strategy! Are you stuck in place and can't jump to the next platform? Some of the items can be moved, so all you have to do is get behind them and push. After that, you'll be able to continue your journey!

At the end of each stage, there is a bonus round. Can you run fast enough and try to collect all the fruit on your way to the exit? Just hurry up because there's a time limit! Now is your chance to increase your score and set a new record.

Are you ready to become a hero with Danger Mouse and Penfold? If so, get ready to hop from one platform to another and take down the villains together!