School Dance Shuffle

Help Riley and Maya organize the best party for their classmates in the School Dance Shuffle game! Test out your time management and have a blast!

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Riley and Maya need your help in the School Dance Shuffle game! The two heroines of the Girl Meets World series have taken up a big responsibility. The two ambitious teenagers are in charge of organizing the school dance. From the theme to the decor and every minute detail in between, they are in charge. However, planning such a party is certainly no easy feat! They need to find a balance between their class schedule and the tasks that need to be accomplished.

What is more, there are other groups that need to use the gym! Can you accommodate everybody while still doing your work? This exciting game will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Quite a busy schedule indeed!

You only have five days to complete all the tasks related to the school dance. However, you still need to attend your classes and keep the school principal up to date! Each day corresponds to a level. Naturally, every stage of the game is increasingly difficult, so make sure to adapt quickly! 

The gameplay is very straightforward. Click on a girl, then click on a task for her to complete it. You can see how much time each activity requires by glancing at the progress bar. Be careful! Nobody can do two things at once, not even the determined Riley and quick-witted Maya!

The aim of every level is to complete all the work, social, clean-up and design projects assigned for a particular day. Check on the activities by using your mobile phone. The pink icon shows you how many tasks of each kind you have left during the respective level. Don't forget that you only have until 5 p.m.!

Unexpected challenges every day!

We all know life can be surprising, especially when you are working on a big project. Riley and Maya are going to live this to the fullest! Every day comes with different trials and emergencies! You will receive calls and messages from everybody - from suppliers to teachers, and even friends!  Answer them in a timely manner to earn more points.

The first day might seem easy to get through. However, you might find yourself pretty flustered, trying to solve everything before the end of the day! You will need to come up with a name for the dance and order the supplies. Make sure not to forget about all the cleaning and setting up!

You will find that the second day has you even more pressed for time! You need to organize the tables, the posters, and the chairs. Additionally, expect a call from the carpenter. He needs all the instructions for the selfie wall. Tap on the correct elements before the time runs out.

The third day is all about design and your creative eye. Make sure that the decorations are correctly picked out and place them all over the gym! Remember that you also need to create the poster for the dance using the computer at the library. 

Everybody seems to be extremely concerned as the day of the dance is nearer! On Thursday, you will find yourself talking on the phone a lot. Reassure the supplier about the order and put up the posters before afternoon.

The final day is undoubtedly the most challenging. Spread the word around the school and set up the buffet. Make sure you re quick! You don't want people to arrive before everything is perfect!

Maya and Riley can overcome anything!

Some tasks require more work than others! You will find out that certain jobs demand two sets of hands. Plan ahead every time you see the icon with both Riley and Maya's faces. They generally take up more time and can't be completed without both girls present.

Moreover, keep in mind that the girls still need to attend classes. If you manage to get enough work done in the morning, you will earn a class pass. However, try to get by without them, as they will deduct points from your final score.

At the end of each level, you will receive a rating. The maximum is three stars, so try working towards that! Moreover, the faster you complete all the tasks from your daily list, the more points you get in the end. Check out your special achievements and score in the main menu.

Are you ready to design, decorate and clean up for five days straight? The School Dance Shuffle can't be successful without you! Admittedly, there is a lot of work to do before the big day. However, the end result will be quite rewarding. Test out your time management with Riley and Maya, two ambitious girls with a dream!