Middle School Mission

Join Riley and Maya in on an exciting adventure in the Middle School Mission game! Can you help the heroes of Girl Meets World complete the school project?

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The two teenagers from the Girl Meets World series need your help in the Middle School Mission game! Riley has forgotten her school project at home. Maya thinks that Mr. Matthews will let it slide, but Riley knows her father better! Now the two girls need to solve the situation before the lunch break is over. Ms. Matthews and Auggie, Maya's younger brother, come to school to bring the missing volcano. However, you will discover that life is full of surprises with these two bubbly teenagers!

The magma is missing!

The game starts with Riley stressing out about her history project. Even if she is a hard-working student, this teenager can turn out to be quite ditzy at times. She has forgotten a big replica of Mount Edna, the epic volcano. Mum and Auggie come to the rescue, but unfortunately, there was a big explosion in the car. 

The aim of the game is for you to recreate the magma in time for history class. You can navigate around the school by clicking around to move Riley to the desired location. Naturally, Maya will help you out. You can always go to your father for helpful tips as well. However, time is not on your side! Can you accomplish this challenging task?

Three mysterious ingredients

Your first task is to find vinegar somewhere inside the school. Can you think of the most likely place to get it? That's right, you should pay a visit to the cafeteria! However, you seem to be a little short on cash today. You don't even have enough to buy some salad dressing! Help out the lunch lady as a favor instead! Pick up the trays by clicking on them, then click again on a table to slide the food towards a hungry student. Once the satisfaction meter at the top of the screen is full, you can move on to the next ingredient.

Your hot magma requires red food coloring. However, it's time to be savvy and find an alternative inside the school. Luckily, there will be a school dance in the gym, complete with snacks and punch. Pick up some fruit punch to replace the coloring! Make sure you also look out for Auggie while you're there! He is floating around using balloons. Move around and aim your fan towards him. He must not land on the buffet, ruining all the food. 

The only thing left on your ingredient list is baking powder. The janitor is most likely to have it, but I have a feeling that he won't just give it away! You need to earn the final element of your recipe by cleaning the floors of the school, using a special machine. Move your cursor to a dirty spot to clear it up. Make sure not to bump into the walls!  Click and drag to slow down, but remember to finish on time!

Finally, you have succeeded in your mission! The concoction in Maya's thermos will surely impress the history teacher! I can't wait to see Mount Edna explode and let out the magma you have just made! Riley and Maya have managed to save the day once again.