Disney Channel Photo Shoot

Play Disney Channel Photo Shoot
Play Disney Channel Photo Shoot

About Disney Channel Photo Shoot Game

Be ready for a brilliant photo shooting session only in Disney Channel Photo Shoot Game. Choose your avatar from your favorite characters that play a part in all of the most amazing Disney Channel TV shows. Dress up and be the most beloved star on the red carpet.

In the dressing room, you can choose the category you want to focus on every time. You begin the game with the core aspects of your character: the color and styling of your hair, the skin tone, the color and shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose and lips. Now that your character looks the way you dreamt she would look, it is time to dress her up the way you want it. All of the clothes and accessories are from your favorite TV shows. When you begin to dress your character, select the show from which you want your dressing objects to be. Every accessory and piece of clothing will remind you of how much you adore those characters.

How to play the game

Choose from today's new fashion and be in tune with the tendencies. Dresses, skirts, jeans, blouses, jackets, anything, and everything is at your disposal. Just select the perfect outfit to correspond with your character's attitude. Be bold, wear red lipstick, a mini skirt, and some delightful black boots or be Disney Channel's new diva and wear a long red dress. Be the world's best fashion designer, match those pair of jeans with the new jacket your character has just bought. Come in your new pair of high heels and match them with that extravagant hat to show us how confident you are.

And always remember the most important rule of a true fashion designer: do not forget the accessories. Choose from the necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, and bracelets anything that best fits your new elegant star. In the end, get ready for the shooting to start. Change the location, give your avatar a guitar, a teddy bear or any other objects that might represent the design that you created and start taking the most amazing photos.

Are you prepared to be an amazing creator? Then get your dressing room ready and tell your avatar to say "Cheese"!

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