Supersonic Sprint

Play the Supersonic Sprint game to join Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion in their fight against crime! Can you defeat every villain to keep the city safe?

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About Supersonic Sprint Game

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Join Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion in their fight against the town's most wanted criminals in the Supersonic Sprint game! However, the bad guys will not be your only obstacle. Do you think you can adventure into the night and keep the town safe?

The two heroes count on your help to get them through any situation! Your job is to go around town and complete the missions. From retrieving lost pets and items to fighting crime, there is nothing this team will turn down! Are you ready to join them in helping the citizens?

How to Play

The controls are pretty simple! Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion will do the running by themselves. You have to use your Spacebar to jump and the Z key to dash! Also, when your special attack is charged, use your mouse to form the given pattern and perform it!

On your way to complete the missions, you will encounter many obstacles and crimmies! Try to avoid crashing into them by jumping over or hitting them. However, if you miss, you will lose a health point. You have three in total, and you might regenerate some if you find them along your way!

Make sure you grab as many coins as possible! You will have many in your way, and it would be a shame to miss them. Also, you can use them to buy abilities from the shop to maximize your hero's power, so you should aim to buy every item in the store!

Lastly, some of your objectives will not be as common as others! For example, you might need to catch the wanted criminal Miradora. She is tougher than other villains, so you should proceed cautiously to ensure victory!

Are you ready to start fighting crime alongside Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion? Let's have a look at the mission board and start the action!