Jessie: Smarte Couture

Help your favorite nanny mix and match outfits in the Jessie: Smarte Couture game! Score as many points as you can and renew her wardrobe! Have fun!

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About Jessie: Smarte Couture Game

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Are you ready to put your intelligence and speed to the test with the Jessie: Smarte Couture game? Your favorite nanny is in dire need of fashion assistance. Only you can help her by earning as many points as you can! Do you think you can put together an outfit? Think again! It might turn out to be more difficult than you first imagined!

Jessie and her challenging wardrobe

Welcome to Jessie's wardrobe! Are you ready to put together as many outfits as you can and earn points and bonuses? The gameplay is quite easy to grasp. You need to drag items into empty closet spaces in order to form outfits. An outfit consists of a top, a bottom and a pair of shoes, or a dress and some footwear. As soon as you compose an ensemble, it will show up on our lovely protagonist, Jessie, who joins you on the right side of the screen. Put together enough outfits to make the quota and complete the level! 

The game consists of five levels of increasing difficulty. Are you ready to feel the pressure of a good fashion challenge? As the outfit quota increases and the board gets more crowded, it will become harder to put together outfits! You need to be extremely skilled in both strategy and fashion to complete all the levels and earn a high score!

You can earn more points by using the same item to complete two, or even three outfits at once! If you manage to line up the clothing correctly and add the right element at the right time, you can earn plenty of points and clear up your board faster!

Can you be the best fashionista?

There are many tips and tricks that you can use to earn more points. For instance, you get bonus points for using accessories within your outfit. Keep in mind that all accessories have a silver background, which makes it easier to recognize them. Don't be shy! You can never go wrong with too many scarves, hats, and jewelry!

Another helpful trick is using the available powerups and bonuses. You can access them on the bottom right part of the screen. Some of them allow you to switch the places of two items already present on the board, while others can eliminate a piece of clothing completely. However, remember to use these perks wisely, as you only have a limited number of them throughout the game!

Every once in a while, a bonus space will appear on the board. You will recognize it easily because it will have a star drawing on top of it. Form an outfit using the respective place on the board to earn ten times the regular number of points for it!

Are you ready to show your skills with this exciting puzzle game? Jesse counts on you to prove that she is not only the best nanny in New York but also the most stylish one!