Disney Channel Sled-o-Rama

Play Disney Channel Sled-o-Rama
Play Disney Channel Sled-o-Rama

About Disney Channel Sled-o-Rama Game

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Snow falls down, everybody is happy, and everyone is preparing gifts for the others. It is wintertime, and people go crazy about it. Your favorite Disney shows characters are enjoying this time the best they can. To be even more fun, they decided to have some entertainment in Disney Channel Sled-o-Rama game! You can participate too.

You need to pick your favorite character and slide down the hill, trying to get as far as you can and gain points. Using your mouse, control their moves, and make sure they do not fall. Click when the arrow points on the green circle, for a great start, and then just click to bounce over the obstacles.

Try to stay in control

Be careful! The presents, the Christmas trees or the decorations will make you bounce hard! Besides, if you fall on an igloo, you will destroy it, and you are stuck in the snow. You will need the help of someone else to push you from behind in the next seconds; otherwise, you have to restart the level. 

After every fall, you are able to replay the level, and you can change the person that you want to play with. Go on long distances to gain money, which you will be able to exchange for upgrades.

Each person has some specifics that you need to take into consideration before you start the game. For example, Maddie’s speediness is excellent, her slip-ness is good, but her floaty-ness is not that great. On the other side, if you are going to choose Jessie, she is the opposite of Maddie.
Think wisely before you make a decision, but do not forget that during this time, all you have to do is enjoy the snow and have fun.

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