Planes: Jet Stream Racers

Fly through the sky and make Dusty's dream come true in the Planes: Jet Stream Racers game! Join the rally, collect the badges, and avoid all obstacles!

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About Planes: Jet Stream Racers Game

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Dusty needs your help to make his dream come true in the Planes: Jet Stream Racers game! If you're a fan of Disney's Planes, you have to lend a hand to your friend! Join the Wings Around the Globe rally, compete together, and do your best to win first place.

This fun arcade game will make you float up in the sky! Your task is to take control of Dusty, the small animated plane, and help him complete all stages of the aerial race. There will be many obstacles in your way, so you have to do your best to stay in the air! Do you have what it takes to win the competition?

How to Play

Before you start flying, you have to understand the basics! To soar through the sky, you will only need a keyboard. Press the Up Arrow key to go higher or the Down Arrow to lower your altitude. Just remember not to run out of gas! 

Your friends have prepared a total of 5 stages for you to try! The competition will get increasingly more difficult as you keep going, so do your best to win!

If you earn a high enough score, you will unlock some of the other planes for you to play as. Earn three stars for each level, and you will get to meet Bulldog, Ishani, Ripslinger, and the rest of your buddies!

To earn points, you need to collect as many silver badges as you can. However, you only have 3 lives, so you have to watch out for obstacles! You can also run out of fuel, so make sure to grab some gas and keep your tank full!

What else you should know

Don't worry if you start to run out of lives! Just look for the toolboxes as you fly, and you'll be able to restore one of your lost chances. Each power-up you collect will help you come closer to your goal, so you should do your best to get any bonus items!

If you need some extra points to earn 3 stars at the end of the level, try boosting your speed! Pick up some wind, and see how fast you can go! However, be careful cause you will lose fuel at an alarming rate!

What do you say? Dusty wants to join the aerial race, but he can't do it without you! Help your friend make his dream come true, and have fun flying through the sky!

Good luck!