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About Big Hero 6: Baymax Air Repair Game

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Baymax is in big trouble in the Baymax Air Repair game! The gentle giant of the Big Hero 6 has some air leaks, and he needs your help to cover them up. Do you think you can join him before he loses all of his air and deflates completely?

Your role is to cut and apply some tape to the holes that lose air. However, you will see that it will take some fast reflexes to do the job well! Now it's your time to help the healthcare companion robot. Let's hurry, and patch him up before it's too late!

How to play the game

Firstly, let's begin with the controls! You only need your mouse for this challenge. Press the Left click at the right time to cut and apply the duck tape. If you make some mistakes, don't worry! You can always try again until you get the job done.

To patch Baimax up, you will need to complete two important steps. The first step is to cut the tape! Watch the meter, and when the arrow aligns with the green markings, it's your time to click the cut icon. If you miss and press at any other moment, Baymax will cut too much tape, and you will have to start all over.

The second step is to apply the tape and patch the air holes. Baymax will move his hand across his three leaks, and you have to time your movements right and cover each one up. If you miss it, you have other chances to try again. Also, if you do your job perfectly, you will receive a high score, and your performance can be rated up to three stars!

Are you ready to help Baymax patch himself out? Even tho he doesn't seem alarmed, you need to hurry up and get him fixed quickly. The air is running out with every second. Let's complete the challenge before it's too late!

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