Pairs and Flip Flop

Give the Pairs and Flip Flop game a try and put your memory to the test! Can you find all the matching pairs before Mr. Albertine eats all the peas?

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Are you prepared to put your matching skills to the test in the Pairs and Flip Flop game? Charlie and Lola are both excited to play some card games together. Now is your chance to join your cute friends and show off your impressive memory by winning the challenge! Just try not to rush because the mission isn't as simple as it appears!

Which game will you try first? No matter your option, you have to find the matching pairs until there are no more cards on the table. However, you must be very careful! Mr. Albertine will take a pea off your plate for each mistake you make.

How to Play

It's time to start flipping the pictures! To do this, you will need to use your mouse. Just tap on a card to see what's hiding underneath. If you can find its' pair, you'll be one step closer to completing the puzzle.

Charlie wants to play Pairs, while Lola's favorite game is Flip Flop. Have you decided which one you want to try first? While the challenges might seem quite similar, there are some differences. One will make you find identical figures, while the other contains pictures that go together. This is why you must be very careful and think about which items make a pair! 

Can you memorize the position of each card and uncover the hidden sets? It's important not to make too many mistakes, or Mr. Albertine will eat all the peas. If this happens, you'll lose the game and have to restart from the beginning! However, if you can win the round, more and more cards will appear on the table each time.

What else you should know

Exercising your memory is important, but being lucky counts too! Are you ready to switch your partner and try your other friend's game? If so, don't worry, because changing the mission is as easy as tapping a button! How cool is that?

Join your friends and get ready to begin the match! Can you win against Charlie and Lola, or will you let Mr. Albertine steal all the peas?