Tub Toy Tumble

Train your attention skills with the Lucky Duck: Tub Toy Tumble game. Find all the pairs of matching toys and then have some fun together in the bathtub!

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About Tub Toy Tumble Game

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In Lucky Duck: Tub Toy Tumble, a ship sank, and all the toys that were enjoying their cruise now float adrift in a never-ending sea. Lucky Duck needs you to help them reunite. Be their hero and come to their rescue in this game of matching pictures.

As revenue for their rescuer, the toys and Lucky will play with you in the bathtub for as long as you wish. You can imagine trips to unknown lands, championships between the toys and treasure hunts!  

How to Play 

Your adventure takes place in two minigames.
You firstly need to rescue all of the toys by matching pictures in groups of three or more! Start by clicking on the item you want to match, then click on another one to swap places. If they don't switch, it means that the toy you chose didn't have a minimum group of three to be saved.

Lucky is there to show you your progress! There are five rounds to collect the toys. As you complete each round, new toys will appear in your way in the sea. When Lucky gets to the end, it means you gathered all of his friends, and you win the game!

Once you collect all the toys, the second minigame unlocks, and you get access to the bathtub. Click on the left button, and all the little ones you saved are there alongside Lucky! Pick any toy you want to play with, and it will get in the bathtub in the twinkling of an eye. Press the toy, make it squeeze, and splash water. Click on the right button to bubble up the water and see the ripples.

What else you should know

Sometimes the rescue may get difficult because Lucky has so many friends. Yet the cute duckling doesn't let you match alone. If you get stuck and don't find any pairs, Lucky will give you some hints. You only have to look carefully at the toys which are moving.  

Duty calls? If you want to take a break either while matching toys or while exploring the sea along Lucky and its buddies you rescued, you can press the pause button on the top right corner. 

Furthermore, whether you want to retake the entire adventure or simply follow a new storyline in the bathtub, click on the bottom right button, and it takes you back to the beginning.