Color Splat

Play with paint and create new shades in the Ready for Preschool: Color Splat! Game! Prepare for the art lesson, then draw a painting for Pip and Freddy!

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If you've always wanted to become an artist, the Ready for Preschool: Color Splat game was made for you! Pip and Freddy, the cute protagonists of Tiny Ones Transport Service, are ready to teach the baby animals how to paint. However, before they can begin the lesson, they have to mix the colors! Will you help your friends prepare all the materials for the kids?

Do you have a keen eye for detail? For this mission, you will have to collect all the drops of paint and fill each tube. However, sometimes the wrong shade will be mixed in, and you have to avoid it at all costs! React quickly and catch all the droplets to prepare the art supplies for the cute babies!

How to Play

It's finally time to play with colors! Luckily, you won't need to get your hands all dirty, because you can use your mouse. Just like a ninja, you have to quickly swipe each drop of paint and put it in your tube! Drag your cursor across the splatters, and watch the bar fill up in no time!

You need a swift hand and rapid movements if you want to get all the materials. The colors won't be on screen for too long, so don't keep waiting and take action! Just pay attention to the screen, and do your best to fill up the tubes with only the correct shade of paint! Once you're prepared, you can also start mixing!

Did you know that by matching two primary colors, you will obtain a secondary shade? For example, red and blue make purple! Do your best to mix all the hues because each time your bar fills up, you will unlock a new painting!

Are you ready to show off your artistic side? If so, then head to the art gallery, and grab a canvas! You can create a new painting from scratch using the available tools, or you can select a drawing of your friends from Tiny Ones Transport Service! Either way, your teachers will surely be impressed with your skills!

Well, are you ready to prepare the colors? Join Pip and Freddy and mix and match the shades of paint! The baby animals are surely excited to begin the art lesson!