Mickey's out of this World Treasure Hunt

Join Mickey on a space adventure in Mickey's out of this World: Treasure Hunt game. Explore planets, collect the hidden stars, and find the secret treasure!

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About Mickey's out of this World Treasure Hunt Game

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Are you ready to live an adventure? Then set off with Mickey Mouse on an unprecedented journey through space to find the treasure in Mickey's out of this World Treasure Hunt game. Together with Mickey, you will discover planets such as the Moon, Mars, Saturn, but also a mysterious planet. 

The primary goal during the journey is to collect the treasure stars. These will appear at the top left of the screen. When you gather all 10 required stars, you will discover the secret planet. Let's embark on this journey!

How to Play

First, you have to build the rocket to be able to go into space. You need to arrange the rocket parts according to the given template. When you think you have found the right piece, use your mouse to drag it into the right place.

With the rocket built, you can start the journey. The first destination is the Moon. Here you will have to find stars among the things ravaged in the closet. Be careful, the stars are well hidden. When you see a star, click on it.

After gathering all the stars on the Moon, you are ready for the second planet, Mars. This is where the Martian Mickey lives, who is delighted to see you. You need to find the differences between Mickey Mouse and Martian Mickey. Look carefully, the differences do not consist of colors. When you think you have found a difference, click on it.

In the next mission, Mickey Mouse found himself outside the rocket, surrounded by lots of asteroids. With Pluto's help, you need to lead Mickey back to the rocket, while avoiding all the asteroids. Follow the arrows that show you the way, and click in the direction you want to go. If you manage to find the rocket, you will collect even more stars.

Explore the Secret Planet

Wow, you've gathered all the stars! Now you're ready for the Secret Planet. Here another challenge awaits: you must find the treasure that is buried in the ground. To do this, you will need to use the Treasure Hunter detector.

Just use your mouse to move, and every time something appears on the scanner, scan it with the Treasure Hunter. Keep searching until you find the treasure.