Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet

Play Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet
Play Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet

About Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet Game

The Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet Game can help you with your organization and training skills. You are going to be the teacher of the blue-footed booby birds for today. After spending hours and hours in the ballet class, teaching them the best moves, now they are ready for a spectacular show across the ocean! Your blue-footed booby birds have to cross the sea in order to be in time for the great show. Do you think you can bear a hand? Pay attention to all of the students. Oops, it seems that the little blue-footed booby bird was left behind. We shall not worry, isn`t it? Right now, they have a remarkable teacher, and that is you! Together with the brown-haired girl, the mission will be accomplished in less than no time. Have you spotted the little bird? Now let`s find the perfect solution to get her in time to the show. Great, it seems that the teacher has some friends that can help you. You are going to fly with them to complete the mission.

The Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet Game has some levels you have to get past so you can finish it. The first level is called "Arabesque" and in order to pass it, you have to override the sleeping tortoise. Once you are near the caves, teach the blue-footed booby bird how to stretch by hitting the same arrow key as the image above the projector shows you to. Only use the right and left keys on the keyboard and make the two moves. Don`t worry if you lose a move, the teacher is patient and will wait for you to learn the moves. Only push the keys when the projection of the booby bird gets through the projector; otherwise you will miss some moves. If you can make it, a special price awaits you when you finish the level. The next step is to help the little bird walk on his tip toes. The sand gets hotter and hotter, so you have to move quickly. You can do it! For this, you only have to use the upper key. For doing such a great bouree dance, another special prize is going to wait for you at the end of the bouree level.

The last level is called "The Portabra" level. Be careful, your moves are getting better but so their speed. A good dancer gets better with time, which means that you will have to be faster with your moves. If you can do this too, it means you are a startling dancer! Teach how to "portabra" and dance in the submarine to get past the cold waters. It is all going to be worth it, you will see! Have you reached your destination? This is absolutely fantastic, after learning so many moves, you will put up a great show. Make your teacher proud and have fun, because she put a considerable amount of effort into being there for you. How should we reward her? You will see at the end of the ballet show, hurry up, finish the game and if you really enjoy it, come back and play again!

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