Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture

Help Riley and Maya put together the best outfits in the Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture game! Are you stylish enough to face this task?

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Join Riley and Maya in a fashionable challenge with the Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture game. Like many teenagers, the two girls often need to go shopping and figure out some brand new outfits. They can't risk becoming outdated! However, working in fashion is not as easy as you would think! Not every combination is appropriate and stylish. You are in for an exciting ride, as you help these two best friends maintain their status as the most fashionable girls in school!

Choose your fashionista!

The gameplay consists of five different levels. They get increasingly more complex, so make sure you step up your game with each new challenge! 

The very first step is choosing the main character of your shopping extravaganza! You can pick between the two stars of the Girl Meets World Universe: Riley and Maya. Unless you don't know them well enough by now, let me introduce them! 

Riley is a sweet and caring girl. She can be quite ditzy at times, but her idealistic personality and intelligence get her out of many difficult situations. Naturally, her personal style reflects her best features. She often sports an unconventional style, complete with floral patterns and layers. 

Maya is Riley's best friend. She acts as the balancing element of the group. At first glance, she might seem quite a bad girl, brash and quick-witted. However, you need to know that not everything is as it seems with her! Take your time to discover her bold and daring style, complete with combat boots and striking patterns. 

Can you find the right combinations?

Your task might seem simple at first. You need to drag items into empty closet spaces to form outfits. To do so, line up a top, bottom and a pair of shoes. Remember that the order doesn't matter, as long as the three items form a vertical or horizontal line. Another possible combination is lining up a dress with a pair of cool boots or awesome heels.  

Each outfit you form earns you a certain number of points, which you can check on the right side of the screen. You can also glance at the current level and the required number of outfits until you pass on to the next challenge. Checking on the outfit quota will help you plan ahead and earn more points as you go along.

Be smart and earn more points!

Make sure that you remember about accessories! We all know by now that they add extra flavor to any outfit! You will recognize them easier because of the silver background. Add a jacket, a bag or even a pair of knee high socks!  To add an accessory to an outfit, all you need to do is place it next to another element of the gear. Once all the components of the design are present, you will receive extra points for your accessories. 

Another way of earning more points is using the same item to complete two, or even three outfits at once! If you manage to line up the clothing correctly and add the right element at the right time, you can earn plenty of points and clear up your board faster!

Every once in a while, a bonus space will appear on the board. You will recognize it easily because it will have a star drawing on top of it. Form an outfit using the respective place on the board to earn ten times the regular number of points for it!

What is more, at the bottom right part of the screen you can see your available power-ups. Click on them to switch the places of two different items or even eliminate an article from the board. Use them wisely! There is only a limited number available throughout the five levels of the game! 

Are you ready to have the time of your life with these two friends? Join them on an exciting trip to the mall that will undoubtedly put your intelligence to the test! Remember that each point you earn brings you closer to the title of Ultimate Fashionista!