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Discover the adventures of Riley and Maya, two upbeat teenagers, in the Girl Meets World games! Join them as they tackle the challenges of adolescence!

Join the adventures in Girl Meets World games

Face the trials and tribulations of adolescence with Riley and Maya, two best friends, in the Girl Meets World games! They are the two main characters of the show called Girl Meets World. This is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly that aired on Disney Channel from June 27, 2014, to January 20, 2017. It centers around the life of a young and ambitious teenage girl, Riley Matthews. More specifically, we get to follow this young girl at school and see her family life, with all the challenges and adventures that they entail.

However, what makes Riley truly fortunate is the fact that she is never alone! Maya Hart, her best friend, is always by her side and willing to help out. What is more, Riley's father also happens to be her and Maya's school teacher! Will this unusual dynamic work out in the end?

A teenager's life might not seem stressful at first glance, but you haven't met the young protagonists of this show! The two girls are highly ambitious, with active social lives and a busy schedule in school! Most of their days are spent running around between different activities, meeting up with friends and, most importantly, helping each other face any problems that might arise. Moreover, these two young ladies are quite fashionable and stylish, attributes which can take up quite a lot of time! You can check for yourself by playing the Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture game. This way, you can help them pick out the best outfits for their busy days!

Riley and Maya - Best Friends Forever

Riley Matthews is the title character of the series. This fourteen-year-old stands out at first glance, given her unique appearance and remarkable personality. She is quite tall and slim, with long brown hair and matching eyes. Moreover, her fashion sense is quite unusual for her age. This brunette beauty enjoys wearing bohemian styles, often sporting floral patterns and bell bottom jeans.

However, what really makes Riley a special girl is her bubbly and optimistic attitude. This young woman can definitely make anyone's day brighter, given her kindness and loyalty. What is more, the teenager has a brilliant intelligence, which reflects in her grades. Join her on exciting adventures and difficult challenges with the Girl Meets World games.

Maya Hart plays an essential part in the show, as Riley's best friend. Additionally, she is a significant balancing force for Riley's personality. The two girls might seem to be in an unlikely relationship, as they are polar opposites in some aspects. Maya is outgoing, bold and quick-witted. Some might say that she sometimes goes too far with her overly confident attitude and sarcasm! However, her best friends help her with school work and tones down her loud attitude, while Maya empowers her to become more self-assured.

True friendship is hard to come by. Therefore, Riley and Maya should be extremely grateful for the beautiful relationship they share. Undoubtedly, the balance and help they offer each other are quite valuable. Together they are indeed unstoppable! You can experience this for yourself by joining them on an exciting challenge in the School Dance Shuffle game!

The Matthews - an atypical, yet warm family

The Matthews are not what you would expect when you picture a conventional family. Perhaps the most unusual member is Cory, Topanga's wife and Riley's and Auggie's father. He might be quite quirky and high strung at times, but he certainly does everything for his family! He stands out as a loving husband and becomes an excellent father throughout the series. Even Maya perceives him as a paternal figure, given the fact that she was abandoned by her dad at a young age.

What is more, he is a history teacher at Abigail Adams High School, where he teaches the two main heroines of the show. It might seem like he favors them, but it is certainly not true! You can experience that for yourself in the Middle School Mission game. He tests out his own daughter's resourcefulness by forcing her to improvise a solution for her forgotten project.

Topanga is eccentric in her own right! This former hippie is interested in everything supernatural and cares deeply about the world's harmony. However, don't make the mistake of underestimating her! This mother of two is an accomplished lawyer and business owner. What is more, she stands out as a loving mother to her two children. She encourages Riley and Auggie, her young brother, to be optimistic and follow their dreams.

The takeaway from this entertaining show is the importance of family and friends in the life of any young teenager. Surely, Maya and Riley are beautiful, intelligent, and brave. However, they wouldn't be nearly as successful without each other's love and the support of their families. Come join them and enjoy hours of fun with the Girl Meets World games!

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