Are you Liv or Maddie?

See who of the twins you match the most in Are You Liv or Maddie? Game! Take all the challenges, and according to the scores, you will get an answer!

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It is more than often for twins to have almost nothing more in common than their looks. Chances are you already know such a pair very well. In Are You Liv or Maddie game, this is also the case for our two favorite sisters from television. You guessed right it is about Liv and Maddie. Because they spent their childhood in such different ways, they grew up to be so much more different one from another. If they did not look the same one would say that they are not even relatives.

Liv is more like a Hollywood star, whereas Maddie is more like the sporty type. She especially likes playing basketball, and she is also tremendously good at it. When two persons are almost opposites like our two teenage girls, it might become hard to get on well again. This is what happened to them too after the actress of the family returned after four years of being a star.

Now they have to become friends once again, and I tell you, that is not as easily done as said. Try to see which one of the teens you resemble the most and see how it is to walk in their shoes, be it some classy pumps or some basketball sneakers. Follow the challenges and get to know where you are doing best to find out the answer.

Pass all the different challenges

Get into the first round and the first challenge, the soccer one. According to the results on this one, you might end up more similar to Maddie. What you have to do here is to move around the shoe to keep the ball up in the air. To do that, move your mouse wherever you predict that the ball will fall. Do that until there is no more time left and see what score you managed to obtain.

The next test is a Liv one. It is called the photo challenge, and it tests how used to cameras you are. Unlike her sister, a star like her should not have any problem in appearing in every photo from an event. Use the camera to take pictures of her and win points. However, do not go for Maddie, she is not there for that, and she'll get angry if you mistake her for her twin.

The next test is all about autographs, and you can guess straight away who came up with this idea. Sign all the images that need to be signed and give already signed pictures to the empty-handed fans. Drag the pen over the photo if it doesn't have Liv's autograph already on it, or drag the ones that are ready to go into the empty hands.

The last round is for Maddie! As always, she is practicing for the next competition, and she needs to step up her game. Throw the balls with the right force and in the right direction to score some points. Click and hold to launch it. To find out the correct answer, complete all the five rounds. In the end, you will indeed get it right.

Have fun, and remember that the most important thing is to be yourself.