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Explore the cartoon universe of the DuckTales: Duckburg Quest game and save Scrooge! Interact with the citizens, complete tasks, and keep the kids safe!

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The citizens are starting to hate Scrooge McDuck because of his unexpected marriage decision! Play the DuckTales: Duckburg Quest game and stop the trillionaire adventurer from tying the knot with Ma Beagle. She is the fearful mafia boss and, most importantly, his rival, so something must be up.

Play as four of the sweetest DuckTales characters and roam the streets. Interact with others to receive tasks that will contribute to your main objective - saving Uncle Scrooge. The city is now full of Beagle Boys, so watch out and protect everyone!

Learn how to control your characters

The first characters to appear are Huey and Dewey, with whom you have to find Webby and Louie first. You can make them move by using the W, A, S, and D buttons, or the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys. The Spacebar has multiple purposes, such as initiating conversations, using vehicles, attacking, and using special skills.

Once you unlock all four children, you can switch between them when needed. Everyone has their health meter, so when a duck dies, the others aren't affected. Everything you need to do is specified in a list, and there is also a map that helps you navigate easier in the huge town of Duckburg.

When it comes to the gangs of masked Beagle Boys, you can defeat them with various attacks. The first and most basic one is the mighty stick, which causes little damage. More powerful moves include Webby's Karate Manual, which can be used by her only. If enemies are close enough, you can hit more at the same time.

A lot of characters are willing to help you, such as Launchpad McQuack, Julius, and Donald Duck. The last one plays an essential part in the children's journey, as he will act as their driver when riding the wagon, truck, and so on!

Gain experience by completing minor tasks!

Besides targeting the main objectives, you can also complete optional missions to get additional coins. Such as clearing the houses of Beagle Boys, giving rides, or collecting items like pizza and flamingos. Keep in mind that attacking wastes your energy, but whenever you kill successfully, you gain it back! 

For even more action, you can also attempt to eliminate the barriers separating the districts. These come in different forms and strengths, so they require various vehicles to break them down. The easiest ones need an ATV to be eliminated. Make sure you get rid of them all so you can roam the streets safely.

Bonus items can help you gain energy and health points. These can be found in various places, such as chests, bushes, candy machines, and Gary's drones. All of these are always in the same location and regularly regenerate their articles.

Moreover, you should watch out for traps! Asphalt spikes, bushes with thorns, and evil drones cause significant harm, so avoid them at all costs.

Although they are entirely optional, you can complete Achievements and Treasures lists. They do not offer you anything in particular, but you can make these a goal of your own.

Now all that's left to do is to find out the reason behind Uncle Scrooge's outrageous decision to marry a mafia boss and save him from Ma's evil plans!