Spooktacular Rhyming Recipes

Play the Spooktacular Rhyming Recipes game and help Vampirina create spooktacular potions! Discover magical recipes by finding all the rhyming ingredients!

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In Vampirina: Spooktacular Rhyming Recipes game, the cute Transylvanian vampire needs your help to prepare some spooky, delicious potions. Get ready to experience some fun cooking sessions, while learning how to mix unusual and magical ingredients!

It appears that Vampirina has a rough time remembering the components for her magical recipes. This is why she needs a fellow cook to find the secret rhyming ingredients required for the potion.

Your job is to find the rhyming ingredients and help Vampirina create the spooky liquors. Gregoria, the cute gargoyle, will drink the potions at the end to test their effects. Have fun watching her hilarious reactions.

How to Play

You can easily dive into a magical cooking session with Vampirina. To begin with, she will give you a word that rhymes with one element in the recipe list. You just need to find all the other items that rhyme.

Apart from the three required ingredients, a faulty one will also appear on the screen. You only need to select the ones rhyming. To add them to the composition, you need to drag an ingredient at a time to the vessel.

To complete the recipe, you also need to add one of the special ingredients. Should it be the Sour Milk, the Spider Eggs, or Wolfie's Bone? The choice is all yours! Tap on the element and drag it to the composition. You are an 'Ouba Guba Bibidi Boo' away from a new potion!

Test the effects of your recipe!

Finally, Vampirina is ready to cast the spell. However, don't forget to tap on the wooden spoon first to stir the liquor! Is it spooktacular enough? Tap on the bottle and drag it towards Gregoria. Give it to her and watch the result!

How about trying another recipe? Vampirina is eager to spend the entire day with you. Try and diversify the secret ingredient and explore the many options of magical potions you can create!

Start over as many times you want and create spooky recipes alongside your batty friend!