Super Awesome Danger Squad

Fight against evil forces and protect the Earth in the Super Awesome Danger Squad game! Join Danger Mouse and take down all the enemies to win the battle!

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About Super Awesome Danger Squad Game

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Oh no! The Earth is in danger again in the Super Awesome Danger Squad game! Villains are attacking, and Danger Mouse's squad is the only one who can put an end to the battle. Will you join your friends and fight against the evil forces together?

It's time to create your perfect team and stop Quark's plan for good! This is a classic strategy game, so you'll need a good plan to beat the villain's henchmen. Just don't send your friends into battle rashly, or they can get hurt! Do you have what it takes to complete the mission and save the Earth?

How to Play

To move the members of your squad, you must use your mouse. Draw a line from your character to any point on the floor, and your buddy will follow. Once you're prepared to attack, simply drag your cursor toward an enemy and get closer. Are you ready to begin the battle?

Danger Mouse and his squad have prepared three stories for you: The Mouse Trap, The Greater Escape, and Quark's Arena. Each one is split into multiple chapters, so you must unlock all parts of each tale to complete the mission.

Luckily for you, the further you advance, the more new friends you will make! Use their unique abilities to your advance, and the fight will end in no time!

Remember that you can use support characters to heal your squad members! They can't fight but will help your other teammates keep up the battle.

What else you should know

To restore your energy between enemy waves, you can also have food during Tea Break. If you run out of health during the fight, it'll be game over!

Are you ready to build your perfect squad and stop Quark's plan? If so, level up your new friends by fighting and make them stronger than ever by upgrading their stats! The longer they are in battle, the quicker their powers will increase. Villains won't stand a chance against your squad!

There's no time to lose! Danger Mouse and his friends are counting on you to help them defeat Quark. Will you join the battle and take down the evil forces together?