Thor: The Defense of Asgard

Try The Defense of Asgard game to join forces with Thor and the Avengers to protect Asgard! Will you be worthy of using Mjölnir to defeat Loki's army?

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About Thor: The Defense of Asgard Game

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Join the Asgardian forces and protect the realm in The Defense of Asgard game! An epic battle approaches, and you need to be ready! Do you think you can help Thor, the God of Thunder, defeat his brother's forces? You should clear this challenge to show that you are worthy of Asgard's throne!

Your job is to use Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, and defeat the foes Loki will send your way! Don't worry! You might get help from the Avengers if the task gets too hard. Let's see if you can help the God of Thunder get through this challenge!

How to Play

A great battle awaits, so pay attention to the controls! Here they are:

 - W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Left Click: Attack enemies with Thor's hammer.

 - Spacebar: Activate Thor's power when the battlefield gets too crowded.

 - Shift key: call the Avengers!

You will have to defeat many enemies before Asgard is safe! However, Loki will not make this task easy for you! He created many types of foes to keep up with Thor. For example, the Orcs are durable and will not fall easily! Also, the wolfs he sends are fast and will take you by surprise! You should do your best and learn how to defeat each one!

There are two meters to keep in mind! The first one is Thor's strength meter! It can go down if he gets hurt by the enemies, but don't worry! You can regenerate strength by picking up the aid points when they spawn on the ground! Also, watch out for the lightning meter, this is Thor's power-up, and it can only regenerate if you don't throw his hammer!

There's more you should know!

Lastly, you have nine stages to go through, and each one will become harder and harder! You can call for the Avengers three times per game, but if that sounds too short, you might have a solution.

To call Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America more than three times, you only have to look out for the avenger's badge that spawns on the ground. Try to pick it up to regenerate a call!

Are you ready to join forces with the God of Thunder and help him protect Asgard? Loki's forces are closing in, and you must defeat them all!