Pizzatron 3000

Show off your cooking skills in the Pizzatron 3000 game! Join the penguins, follow the recipe, and prepare as many pizzas as you can without mistakes!

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About Pizzatron 3000 Game

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If you love cooking and want to improve your skills, the Pizzatron 3000 game was made for you! The cute characters of Club Penguin have opened up their own pizza restaurant. However, they have received a huge order, and they need some extra help to prepare all the food. Can you lend your friends a hand and show off your cooking abilities?

This is a fast-paced adventure in which you have to make pizzas as quickly as possible. To do this, you have to follow the recipe and place the right toppings on the dough. However, the conveyor belt is moving at an alarming rate, so you have to do your best to keep up! Can you complete the order without making too many mistakes?

How to Play

Are you ready to put on your chef hat? Luckily, the only tool you have to use here is your mouse. Click on ingredients to pick them up, then drag and drop them on top of the pizza. Just pay attention and keep a steady hand, or you might end up serving the wrong order! 

The first step to make a delicious pizza is following the recipe! Once the dough is on the conveyor belt, you have to place down the sauce and toppings. Follow the list carefully, and perform the process as closely as possible! This is the only way you can keep the customers happy.

Your objective for the game is to make 40 correct pizzas. Each time you manage to follow the recipe, you will earn five coins. However, if you can correctly cook multiple pizzas in a row, you will even receive a tip! This bonus starts at ten coins, but it will increase depending on how well you perform. 

What else you should know

Do your best to show off your cooking skills, and don't make too many mistakes! If you get the wrong order five times, you will have to restart the challenge from the beginning.

Additionally, remember that it's important to move fast! If the pizza reaches the end of the conveyor before it's done, you won't earn any coins.

Well, are you confident you are the best chef in town? Help the Club Penguin characters with their restaurant and make sure to keep your customers happy!