Prom Pursuit

Monica needs your help getting ready for her party in the Bad Hair Day: Prom Pursuit game! Drive around town, get your hair ready and collect votes to win!

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Oh no! Monica's prom is happening soon, and she needs your help to get ready in the Bad Hair Day: Prom Pursuit game! The party is just around the corner, but so many things still need to be done! Will you lend your friend a hand with the preparations?

A girl's prom routine is no easy task because it requires many steps. To help Monica, you will first need to pass her driver's test. Complete the training course, then drive Liz's car around town. Look for your hair and outfit inspiration, and collect the required votes.

How to Play

The prom pursuit is no easy task, but you can help Monica conclude this thrilling experience. Luckily, you don't need driving skills because you'll be using your mouse! Click on the car and drag it towards its' destination. Wait at the red light, and avoid the cones to complete your training.

After the first lesson at the DMV is done, it's time to hit the road! Drive around town, and look for hair and outfit inspiration. Check out the hotspots, and choose styles on Monica's website. Will you be able to make the right choice?

It's not easy to become Prom Queen, because you need lots of votes! Use your phone and look for good cell reception points to send updates. If you run out of battery, you will have to search for charging spots. Keep your phone running and watch your votes come through!

Pay attention to the red arrows because Pierce, the jewel thief, is following your trail. He'll stop at nothing to get Monica's necklace, so make sure to stay out of his way. If you get too close, you can use the smoke bombs to distract him until you can leave! If he catches you, you will have to restart the stage from the beginning.

Will you be able to complete the party preparations? Join Monica and do everything you can to help her become Prom Queen! Only the best girl will win!