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Try Crash's Bro-tastic games to help Wyatt or Crash become the most bro-tastic of all! Can you clear Pesto's Arcade and see who will be the champion?

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About Crash's Bro-tastic games

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Enter Pesto's Arcade to help Wyatt Bernstein or his puppet brother, Crash, win the challenges in Crash's Bro-tastic games! This competition will determine which one is the most bro-tastic of all! However, it's not an easy role to acquire this title! Do you think you can manage?

Your job is to pick your side and try to make them a champion! There are many tasks to complete, and each one will become harder and harder. However, it should be a piece of cake if you get used to the mechanics of it! Let's get it started and see who will master the games!

How to Play

Because there are many challenges, there are also many controls to learn! Depending on the task, you will have to switch your tactic. Here is a list of everything you need:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around or aim.

 - Spacebar: Shoot or hit.

 - Mouse: Aim, shoot, or hit depending on the situation.

After you choose who you'll help, it's time to start the action! Here are the challenges you will need to complete:

 - Fairy Castle Fail: Destroy the Fairy Castle by throwing objects at it.

 - Crash-Ketball Hoops: Nail every shot by throwing the basketball through the hoop

 - Epic Destruction: Destroy the cars and trash bins 

 - Tackle Crush: Help your champion tackle every object in his way

 - X-Treme Smash-It: Watch the holes and smash everything that comes out of them.

You should learn how to tackle each of these to get the champion title.

There is more you should know!

There are three rounds to clear, and each stage has a couple of challenges. You will start from the easiest difficulty and go up to the hardest, so you must adapt quickly! Also, you will have to acquire more points than the opponent if you want to win every task!

Lastly, you need to pay attention to your health points! You lose one if you can't win a challenge, and when all are lost, it's game over! However, if you do a great job with the tasks, you can regenerate one from time to time. Do your best!

Are you ready to see which one will be the most bro-tastic of all? It's time to choose your side and get into the action!