Hopps Pursuit

Join Judy and help her chase down a pesky thief in the Hopps Pursuit game! Jump and slide under the obstacles, and do your best to catch Duke Weaselton!

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About Hopps Pursuit Game

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Judy, the rabbit officer of the Zootopia Police, is going on a wild chase in the Hopps Pursuit game! The cute bunny wants to make the city a safe place so no thief must be left uncaught. This time, she is on Duke Weaselton's tail, but he is a speedy runner. Can you help the police officer catch the villain and put him behind bars? 

Your task in this adventure is to serve justice along with Judy Hopps. To do this, you have to go on an action-filled chase through the city until you can take down the thief. Jump and slide under obstacles as needed and try to stay safe because there's no time to lose! Will you be able to help the police officer with her case?

How to Play

Get ready to do some running! The controls here are simple because you can use either your keyboard or your mouse. To jump or slide under objects, tap the Up or Down Arrow keys or swipe with your cursor. Just make sure not to hit anything because you don't have many lives!

The Zootopia Police Department is sending you to Little Rodentia. As you are in the city, your running will often be interrupted by hurdles. Whether there are buildings, garbage bins, fire hydrants, or other objects in front of you, don't get sidetracked! Just act fast and jump over them to continue the chase.

The pesky Duke Weaselton must not get away this time! The more obstacles you run into, the more distance will be between Judy and the thief. That's why you should do your best to stay safe and not lose track of the villain. You can even see how much longer you need to run by looking at the distance bar at the top of the screen.

Remember that you only have three lives, so you should use them wisely. You will lose a star each time you bump into an object, so you have to focus on the screen and try to react as quickly as possible. If you lose all three chances, you will have to restart the chase from the beginning. Just don't worry, because you can try this challenge as many times as you want and try to beat your own record!

Are you ready for some action? If so, join Judy Hopps and head off to Little Rodentia together. The thief must not get away this time!