Minnie-Rella's Magical Journey

Play Minnie-Rella's Magical Journey game to help her get ready for the Ball. Use the magic spells to create the perfect atmosphere before midnight arrives!

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How much you wish you could attend a Ball? What could be more fabulous than being all dressed up and dancing to the sweet rhythm of violins? In Minnie-Rella's Magical Journey game, your dream may finally come true, and you will be able to celebrate with your friends. So, don't be tardy for the party, and let's get ready for Prince Mickey's Grand Ball!

Your primary goal is to help Minnie-Rella choose the dress that will suit her perfectly for the Ball. But don't worry, you won't be alone in this. The Minnie-Rella's Fairy Godmother is also by your side, with her magic wand to the rescue! So, what are we waiting for? Let's get to the challenge!

How to Play

Minnie-Rella needs a cute princess dress that can impress everybody. To design one, you must get familiarized with the game functionality first. You will only need your mouse for the game tasks. To enter the dressing room, you must click on the magic wand on the left side of Quoodles, and there you go!

The Fairy Godmother's magic wand will guide you through many combinations of suits, but make sure you pay attention to Minnie-Rella's facial expression. Does she seem a little bit confused? Maybe that isn't the right combination, so keep going! Click on each star, that the magic wand is pointing at, and the perfect dress will magically appear.

However, you must keep in mind that magic spells eventually wear off! When you're ready with this task, you can choose the collar of colorful shapes on the right side of Quoodles for the next step.

Next, you will be redirected to a device whose job is to build the perfect collar for Minnie-Rella. However, the machine needs your help to work properly. Therefore, your task consists of choosing the right forms that fit the three columns. For that, click on each shape from the collar and drag it on the corresponding figure displayed by the machine's screen. Remember to pull down the lever after you finish every round!

There's more you should know

The last, but not least category will test Minnie-Rella's ability to dance. Are you ready to show her the right moves? If so, click on the musical note at the bottom of Quoodles, and let's get the party started!

Look, Prince Mickey has already invited Minnie-Rella to dance, and they are so wonderful together! On the dance ring, you can spot their friends, Donald Duck and Daisy, doing twirls. However, to achieve the best results, Minnie-Rella and Mickey need to have the same dancing coordination. 

Have you noticed the clock at the left corner of the screen? Minnie-Rella must leave the Ball by midnight because that's when the magic spell wears off, and everything changes to the way it was. Keeping that in mind, pay attention to the musical note that is moving around the screen and click on the pair of shoes that is shining brightly. Remember to do that as fast as you can so that Minnie-Rella will have her dream dance with prince Mickey before midnight.

So, are you ready to party with Minnie-Rella and her fellow friends?