Mickey and Minnie Platform Adventure

Try the Mickey and Minnie Platform Adventure game to help the two mice get back home! Can you grab all the golden stars and get rid of every creature?

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About Mickey and Minnie Platform Adventure Game

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Two heroes of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are looking for a challenge in the Mickey and Minnie Platform Adventure game! However, only one person is not enough to get them through the journey. Do you think you can find a trusty friend and help them escape this mess and return home?

Your job is to guide Mickey and Minnie past every danger and grab as many rewards as possible! The road ahead is full of tricks and creatures that will try to harm the two mice. Are you ready to get started and face whatever the jungle will throw at you?

How to Play

Before you get started, you have to learn the controls. To explore and jump, you only need a couple of keys. To move Mickey, use the Arrow Keys and the W, A, S, and D keys to control Minnie. It sounds easy if you play this game with a friend, but if no one is available, it would be hard to move both!

Now that you're ready to start the game, your goal is to collect all the golden stars! You have twenty levels to clear. If you don't gather everything, you cannot advance. Also, some are underground, so look around for the shiny gems and hit them to collect!

At the same time, you need to look out for everything that might harm the two mice! For example, you will encounter many foes in your way. Spiders and scorpions and even ancient dinosaurs will try to stop you. You can get rid of them by jumping on them, but if they hit you, you will lose a health point! Lose all of them or fall, and it's game over!

There is more you should know!

The other danger is the environment itself! You can discover platforms if you sit one of the characters on the red buttons. Also, some of them will disappear right when you touch them. Keep this in mind, and don't trust anything out of the ordinary!

After you grab all the golden stars and reach the checkpoint, you will have an extra step! Here, the two mice will be launched up, and you will have to guide them and grab as many stars as possible until they stop. There are many, so don't feel bad if you will lose some!

Are you ready to jump on the adventure and help Minnie and Mickey to grab all the shining stars? Let's get started and see how you will manage the dangers of this new realm!