Disney's Robot Roundup

Guide ROBO-MICKEY 3000 through a magical castle in Disney's Robot Roundup game! Can you help him solve all the puzzles and rescue Princess Minnie Mouse?

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About Disney's Robot Roundup Game

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Are you ready to go on a magical journey? Well, get ready for Disney's Robot Roundup game! In this awesome adventure, Princess Minnie Mouse is trapped in a big, spooky castle and needs your help to escape!

Guess what? You're the hero of this story! You get to guide a super cool robot named ROBO-MICKEY 3000. Your mission is to help him find seven magical pieces to put together a magic teleporter that will send Minnie Mouse back to safety. Plus, you get to pick up keys, potions, and more to make the game extra fun!

How to Play

First, let's talk about moving ROBO-MICKEY 3000, or RM3000 for short. He can go diagonally up, down, left and right! To tell him where to go, you need to place arrows on the floor, and he'll follow them. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Now, RM3000 is really good at bumping and bouncing! If he hits a wall, don't worry, he won't get hurt. He'll just bounce back and go the other way, like a rubber ball!

However, watch out for holes! RM3000 doesn't like to fall in them. But guess what? If he has a balloon, he'll float right over them! If you see a hole, you can put a balloon in RM3000's path, or you can use arrows to guide him around the hole.

Keep your eyes open!

Splash! There are also water balloons in the castle. RM3000 should not touch them unless he has an umbrella. And how can you know there's a water balloon ahead? Look for shadows on the floor!

Pay attention to the colors! Arrows, balloons, and umbrellas can be red or blue. The red ones will stay there forever, but the blue ones will go poof and disappear after ROBO-MICKEY 3000 drives over them. So, choose wisely!

Ooooh, magic squares! If RM3000 drives over a tele-square, he'll whoosh to another square just like it. It's like magic teleporting!

Don't forget the special stuff! There are potions that give you BIG points and keys that open doors to new fun levels! But most importantly, help RM3000 pick up the 7 pieces of the magic teleporter to save Princess Minnie.

What else you should know

All set? Press the "GO" button to make ROBO-MICKEY 3000 start moving! If something goes wrong, you can press the "reset" button to try the level again. You can also put things you no longer want in a handy trashcan. 

Remember, you only have 30 ROBO-MICKEYS for your big adventure, so make them count! If you run out of them, the game is over.

Here's a little secret—plan ahead! Before you press the "GO" button, make sure you have all the arrows and goodies placed just right.

Phew! That's a lot to remember, huh? But you can do it! You'll have loads and loads of fun helping ROBO-MICKEY 3000 save Princess Minnie Mouse. So put on your thinking cap, and let the magical adventure begin! Good luck, and have the most fun ever!