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Test your musical talent and agility in the Catch the Beat game! Join Jessie and the kids as they play their favorite tunes together.

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Try the Catch the Beat game to become part of the greatest band in town, the Central Park West! Join Jessie, Emma, Ravi, Luke, and Zuri at the Ross residence to hear the freshest beats in town. You can even lend them a hand by putting your musical talent to the test! Enjoy the genuinely energetic music and funky design of this entertaining game. After all, didn't you always wish you could join Jessie and the kids in their exciting adventures?

The game consists of 5 different levels of increasing difficulty. You need to earn a certain number of gold stars to move on to the next stage of the game, but don't worry!  You can replay a level as many times as you want to earn more points or stars. Check the total points and stars at the bottom of the screen while you are in the main menu. You can also see the high score for each level at the top of the screen, above your friends Zuri, Luke and the rest of the gang.

Each level is, in fact, a song. You help each of the five main characters play their tune and earn as many points as you can. All of the 5 songs are unique and upbeat, so you will surely enjoy them! Play the available levels and collect stars to unlock the next song. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. All that you need to do is follow the four lanes on the screen carefully. Each one of them corresponds with the F, G, H and J keys on your keyboard. Press the right key at the right time to earn a high score. Good notes are colored green, while bad ones are red. Avoid the red ones and wait until the note is perfectly centered so you can earn bonus points. 

What else you should know

Sometimes two good beats can come on two different lanes at the same time. Press both keys at the right moment to earn bonus points. You can also earn bonus points if you press and hold the correct key when a bar shows up on a particular lane. Check the number of points you have made in the upper left corner of the screen.

The green bar on the left side of the screen is called a party meter. You can fill it up by avoiding mistakes and hitting as many correct notes as you can in a row. Once it's full, you activate a bonus, such as doubling your points, for a while. This will surely help you get a high score and beat your friends!

Do you think you are fast enough? Swing by the Ross Residence and help your favorite nanny and her energetic children become the best band New York has ever seen! It only depends on your musical talent, agility and special skills.