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Be the best event coordinator in the Jessie Party Planner game! Rearrange the guests and make sure everyone's having a blast at your father's wedding!

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Have a blast while helping your favorite nanny out with the Jessie Party Planner game. Her father is getting married, and she has promised to plan it from scratch.  The celebration has to be perfect, and it all depends on the host. But wait, that's you! Naturally, you will need some practice. Luckily, the party calendar is full, and you can try your hand at being an event coordinator before the big day. Make sure to turn the wedding into a day to remember!

The game consists of 5 levels. Each one is a different party, from Ravi's birthday to a luau for Emma or a school dance for Zuri and her friends. Be careful, as the parties become more crowded and hard to manage! What you need to do is rearrange the guests from one activity to another until everyone is having a blast. Happy guests are green, bored guests are yellow and angry ones are red. You can see the mood and the number of guests in each activity at the party. To move guests from one event to another, you need to click on a party area to select it. Click once for every guest you wish to move. Be careful! You can only switch guests between connected activities!

The goal of the game is to have mostly happy guests in each kind of activity. Yellow guests can turn into green or red guests. Spread the happy guests to the bored groups of people to cheer them up and turn them green too. The more happy guests you have in one area, the faster the yellow guests will turn green!

Tips and Tricks

The game takes place in turns. Check the number of guests you can move and the number of turns that have passed at the top of the screen. Once you are done making moves, end your turn by clicking the "X" button at the bottom of the screen. You earn more points if you use fewer moves and turns to complete the level. Therefore, you should plan your action carefully!

It's not as easy as it might seem! After your turn is over, bored and angry guests will move to other groups. Angry guests can turn bored guests from a group angry as well. Be careful and don't let that happen; otherwise, your party will turn out badly! 

Can you complete all of the four practice parties and plan a beautiful wedding for Jessie's dad? It is only up to you and your tactical skills to become the best event coordinator and create genuinely unique moments that your friends will remember forever!