What are the most popular Stickman Games?

  1. Animator vs Animation
  2. Electric Man 2
  3. Stick War
  4. Escaping the Prison
  5. Stealing the Diamond
  6. Fleeing the Complex
  7. Infiltrating the Airship
  8. Stick War 2
  9. Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block
  10. The Fancy Pants Adventures

What are the best Stickman Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Animator vs Animation
  2. Escaping the Prison
  3. Stealing the Diamond
  4. Fleeing the Complex
  5. Infiltrating the Airship

Anyone can draw a stickman!

Are you curious to find out how the Stickman Games appeared?! Since prehistorical times, stick figures have been some of the first art forms. Because of their simplicity, they have remained one of the most popular drawing styles. Today, people of all ages and races use them to convey messages, transcending language, location, and time!

This simplicity is the reason why kids love to draw stickmen. Even the most intricate designs can be simplified to a few lines, curves, and dots. Naturally, as young artists gain more skills, they add different details and accessories to their simple drawings. However, the charm of the stick figures stays timeless, appealing to people of all ages!

The modern Internet age brought the stickman into the spotlight at the same time as the dawn of animation. As you can imagine, thanks to their simple design, stickmen became some of the first videogame heroes. In the 2000s, entire sites were dedicated to stickmen games, encouraging users to submit their own.

As a result, stickmen are part of the internet and gaming culture, allowing anyone to tell a story. Even those with limited drawing talent or animation skills can use them to bring their vision to life!

Focus on gameplay, not graphics!

What makes this category exciting is that it focuses on gameplay. While modern games can feature impressive graphics, they can take up a ton of memory and a high-tech PC. On the other hand, video games featuring stickmen rely on gameplay instead of flashy visuals. Therefore, there are no bulky downloads necessary and no PC requirements. As a result, anybody can play them. How cool!

Besides being widely accessible, stickman games are also kid friendly! Sometimes video games can be graphic or violent. However, that's not the case with the simple stickmen. Therefore, fighting and adventure games are suitable for all ages, without blood or gore. Stick figures make anything look less intimidating!

Besides, the bare-bones design allows young viewers to develop their imagination. Kids love this game category because it gives them great freedom to fill in the details. With only a few features sketched in, the hero of their favorite game could be anyone!

However, simple doesn't mean boring! By investing less time in graphics, creators can put more energy into other aspects. As a result, they have more time to create new levels or add creative scenarios. A few more lines and shapes can create a new hero, animal, or background. How cool! 

Above all, variety makes this category stand out. Players can enjoy all genres of challenges, from thrilling platform adventures to world-famous strategy games. Any game can be adapted in this style, so there's no limit to the adventures you can experience!

Stickman Games cover every genre!

No matter what kind of challenge you're in the mood for, there's a stick figure waiting to have fun with you. These games are fun, different, and special because they let you control these stick figures and go on many amazing adventures. Plus, you learn to be a good leader, make smart choices, and never give up when things get tough!

For instance, imagine a world full of stickman nations, where each nation thinks they have the best inventions. In the Stick War game, you get to be the leader of a really peaceful nation called Order. But, because your people don't worship weapons, other nations might try to sneak into your land. So, you have to be a brave leader and help Order by making sure no one takes their things. This game teaches you about being brave and smart!

Or how about having some fun with the games in the Henry Stickmin series? One example is the Breaking the Bank game, where Henry has a big job. His mission is to sneak into a bank right in the middle of a huge desert. You get to help him make smart choices and figure out how to get past the bank's big, tough doors. It's a super exciting adventure that shows us that thinking and making good choices can be really important.

If your taste for adventure is not yet satisfied, this category features many action-packed platform adventures. They encourage you to jump around in the fun-filled world of stick figures. It'll be a thrill! Plus, the simple design will help you focus on improving your reflexes and finishing on time. That's why challenges like the Vex 7 game are so popular on our website. Fans should try out the entire series for some great fun with stickmen!

Isn't it amazing how stickman games take you on such fun adventures? Whether you're being a brave leader in Stick War, making clever choices with Henry Stickmin, or running super fast in the Vex series, you will surely have a blast! These games will charm players of all ages, no matter their preferred genre! If you don't believe it, stick with them and find out for yourself!

There are currently 41 free online Stickman games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.