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✏️ Your drawings lead the adventure in the Draw Story game! Unleash your imagination and use your pencil power to navigate, create paths, and defeat foes.

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About Draw Story Game

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In the Draw Story game, you'll dive into a creative and imaginative world where your drawings come to life. You're a student bored during a class, and using your artistic skills and the power of your pencil, you get to turn a dull day into an exciting adventure. This game combines drawing with platform-style challenges.

In your role, you'll be drawing various types of platforms to navigate through levels, overcome obstacles, and even defeat enemies. Your pencil is your main tool in this imaginative world, and how you use it determines your success in the game. Each drawing you make directly affects your path and the obstacles you can overcome.

How to Play

Here are your controls:
- A or Left arrow key: Move left
- D or Right arrow key: Move right
- W or Up arrow key: Jump
- S or Down arrow key: Crouch
- [1-4] / Mouse Wheel: Choose a pencil
- Left Mouse click: Use a pencil

The main idea revolves around using different pencils, each with its own unique ability. Let's explore what each pencil does and how it helps you in the game.

First, there's the brown pencil. When you use it, you create ground-boxes. These boxes fall to the ground, and you can use them to step up or over obstacles. For instance, if there's a high platform you can't reach, draw a brown box, and it becomes a step to climb up.

Next is the green pencil, which is used for making air-boxes. These boxes are really cool because they float in the air! You can draw one right where you need to jump over a gap. But remember, air-boxes don't stay forever; they disappear after a while, so be quick!

The blue pencil is for water-boxes. These are super helpful when you come across water in the game. Draw a water-box, and it will float on the surface, allowing you to hop over watery areas without falling in.

Lastly, there's the red pencil, and this one is quite different. It creates kill-boxes. Use these to defeat monsters in your path. Draw a kill-box and let it drop on a moving bug to squash it. This pencil adds a fun twist to the game, letting you tackle enemies in a creative way.

There's more you should know!

As you play, you'll find coins and diamonds. Collecting 100 coins increases the maximum number of boxes you can draw. Diamonds are important, too; they give you points. When you reach 10,000 points, you're rewarded with an extra life. This is a great help to progressing further in the game.

Managing your lives is crucial. Your lives are counted at the top right corner of the screen, and each life has five red hearts. Each time you bump into an enemy or face a mishap, you lose one heart. Lose all five, and you'll lose a life. Falling into water might even cost you a whole life. If you lose all your lives, the game ends. So, be careful and plan your moves wisely!

A good strategy is to think creatively and plan your moves. Remember, your tools are limited, so use them wisely. Anticipate challenges and decide which type of box will help you overcome each obstacle. Sometimes, the solution isn't straightforward, so think outside the box!

The game will challenge you to think and draw your way through each level. It's a mix of creativity and strategy, where your pencil drawings become the key to solving puzzles and advancing in the game. If you're ready to use your imagination and drawing skills to conquer challenges, give it a try and see how far your creativity can take you!